At Cati’s house

Project - Es Barcares


To adapt a home for the summer

Cati and her family decided to once again trust in Modelmon to develop their new housing project in the Es Barcarets area.

For many years Modelmon has been collaborating with the family in their different projects scattered around different areas of the island. There have been two main pillars in the decoration of this house: comfort in all the pieces and visual lightness. This house will be mainly used as a summer residence, and as such, the environment must be clear-cut and relaxing.

Modelmon has had a hand in the design of each area of the house. The living room and dining room are found in an open area, so it was essential to combine the decor of both spaces to create harmony in the ambiance. We played with cream colors, beige and white for the main pieces, introducing notes of color through the decoration pieces. These ornamental elements move between blues and browns. The selection of neutral colors has been repeated in the main bedroom with a focus on depurated lines.

On the terrace, there is an area of deck chairs by swimming pool area, completed with the extension to the dining room just underneath the pergola. Both spaces alternate aluminum and batyline to maximize the life- expectancy of the pieces in an area exposed to the outdoor conditions. The decision to go for batyline allows us to avoid the use of foam cushions in exterior spaces, and by so, avoiding a progressive decrease of firmness in the foams.