At Xisca’s house

Project - Ses Salines


Renovating a family house for use during weekends and holidays

The family house that serves as our target for this decoration project by Modelmon belongs to XiscaThe objective was to renovate a series of rooms in the home so that their ambiance would become warmer, allowing them to spend longer periods in it. Modelmon’s team of experts has renovated the living-dining room, kitchen and entrance. To accomplish this project they have combined family antiques with more recent elements of a more attractive style, but also more comfortable.

Part of the traditional Mallorquin pieces have been left untouched while other have faced a face lift by our team specialized in the renovation of antique furniture. For this renovation two techniques have been combined: on one hand, rustic white washed pickling finishings on kitchen chairs and table; and varnish cleaning to restore the wood’s natural colour on the entrance pieces.

The curtains have also been another key element; the traditional Mallorquin linen curtains have been adapted in size and looks including little touches with precious stones to give them a fresher, more modern vibe. Illumination works and wall colors have also been very important to make the rafters and paintings stand out.