Find your favorite decorative style wich is perfect for your home

29 de April de 2019

Scandinavian, minimalist, industrial … Do not you know what to decorate your house? The first step to decide is to know each of them deeply. From there it will not only be clear what is most going with you, but it will also encourage you to combine it! In Modelmon, and as it is our 30th anniversary, we want to identify the 30 furniture and decorative elements that are essential for the style you choose.


Guess who on the decorative styles?

  • Minimalism: This style intend to reduce the number of elements to the essential, taking out artificies and overload. The colours are pure and white predominate. Essential products: Los colores son puros y predomina especialmente el blanco. Productos imprescindibles:
  • Country Chic: This style combines the country look with elements of American style. Also usually mix many types of woods to keep the atmosphere cozy. Essential products: 
  • Shabby chic: The aspect that every tormented writer or impressionist painter would want to his house, the bohemian par excellence. This trend comes from the English countryside, but the last result goes through a filter of sophistication. The colors should be white, gray, cream and wood stains. Essential products:
  • Classic modern: What is classical never goes out of fashion, but is updated. That’s why this style don’t have gold frames or solid wood furniture anymore, but still with an open and cozy atmosphere. Essential products:
  • Midd century: Characterized because it takes out every ornery and only take with what is ergonomic and practice. Emerged in the 50s, especially on USA. Essential products:
  • Eclectic: An style to dominate all, because is a combination of different trends to create one unique and new one. Is the most personal style of all. Essential products: 
  • Industrial o vintage: If you want your home to remember the industrial streets of the New Yorker Soho, this is undoubtedly your style. You will feel so inspired that you will start speaking English without realizing it. Essential products:
  • Provenzal: Inspired, as its name suggests, in the country houses of the French Provenza. Your home will be full of natural materials, stone floors or wooden beams, which will make you go very well with camp or beach residences. Essential products:
  • Scandi black & white: In the Nordic countries, they have shortage of light during most of the year, so in this style the white color predominates. Essential products:
  • Scandi Pink & Mint:If you are very sweet and reflects your home, Scandi Pink & Mint is your style, with pastel tones mixed with light wood. Essential products: