We add soul to your home

When carrying out our projects we look for: optimum product quality and excellent customer service.

Our formula: the client´s opinion is what matters. Key ingredients: totally personal service, with an emphasis on fine details and quality, and precise guidance during the decision making, purchase and delivery phases.

We attend the best fairs in order to constantly remain at the cutting-edge of the sector.


The sum of the details improves the end result

We take care of each and every step to ensure the client enjoys a complete experience, and to do so, we commit to offering comprehensive décor services that complete traditional furniture and décor projects.

At Modelmon we offer a range of additional services carried out by household professionals: painting, carpentry, ironwork and other sector specialities, and we also provide our own transport service in order to fully implement the entire purchasing process.


Unique furniture for creating special spaces

At our shop we offer the widest range of furniture and décor accessories. A large display with a great selection of modern, classic and rustic pieces that will enable you to create a special place in each area of your home.

We have a complete list of fully trustworthy suppliers who provide us with the sector’s top quality pieces, to transform the puzzling spaces of your house into a true home, your home.