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MOON is Modelmon’s semi-annual magazine, our first great adventure in the publishing world. In our magazine you will find news about our products, exclusive pieces and services as well as real stories featuring our customers.


Once again, we return to walks through fresh, lush forests, flowery fields, sunsets on the longest days of the year, whether sitting on cosy rural terraces or in warm infinity pool oases, all of which are unbeatable moments that bring us the gift of spring and the long-awaited summer.

No doubt you agree with us about the importance of harmony in every aspect of our daily lives. Colours and their combination can be a factor that contributes, albeit on a small scale, to create a harmonious atmosphere in our home or in the places we tend to visit. There are a few keys to this.

The latest collaboration with Mallorca Heritage in Santanyí has made us extremely excited, and we would like to show you the final decoration of a newly built house, inspired by the purest Mallorcan style while preserving the materials’ character in a very special way.

The unique and incomparable forms that craftsmanship gives us, created by expert hands and full of creativity, have the power to add great value to any corner of our home. They exude a magical attraction, being the centre of attention, whatever their material and colour.

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Organic shapes that remind us of nature’s preciousness make their way into our homes, coming in to stay with us in the colder months, when the infinite sofa, the original lamps or the soft touch of our carpet will remind us how pleasant it is to be indoors.

Functional furniture will arrive in full force. Coffee tables for our living room, bedside tables in the bedroom or those auxiliary pieces that are so useful at any given moment.

This Autumn – Winter 2021, vibrant colours in furniture, complements or walls will have a significant role to play in decorative trends. Peach Nougat, a soft salmon or Sandstone, a tone similar to terracotta, will be present alongside the well-known colours of the year, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. The sand and beige tones will be extended in textiles.

Thanks to the new collaboration with Construcciones Vidal, we take a look at a duplex located in Génova with views of the Bay of Palma. The chosen colours, restrained and sleek, bring elegance and serenity to the ambience.

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In recent times we’ve seen how important it is to have our outdoor spaces at home well equipped. They have become spaces that we use as often as we use indoor spaces and we therefore also demand and expect the same standards of comfort and quality outdoors. Current circumstances have reminded us of the value of enjoying a terrace in our home, however small it may be, as well as outdoor spaces, silence or the gentle sounds of nature.

Spring and summer are seasons when the enjoyment of any outdoor activity becomes alive than at any other time of the year. The brightness and longer days ahead will bring the refreshing breath of fresh air we need.

The vibrant combination of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, PANTONE’s colour of the year, will take centre stage this year, conveying a message of strength and hope.

A new collaboration with Construcciones Vidal has been the seed that has led to the blossoming of a beautiful decoration project for one of their new show flats located in Na Burguesa.


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Over the last few months, we’ve come to realise that changes can happen in the blink of an eye and we’ve become aware, now more than ever, of the importance of having furniture that is both comfortable and practical in our homes. It’s a place where we want to feel as comfortable as possible.

Autumn and winter present us with the perfect opportunity to think about the inside, the warm spaces that will embrace us during the coldest months, recalling memories of leaves falling from trees in the gentle breeze.

This season’s colours give us the sensation of calmness, tranquillity and tenderness, making us feel better than ever in our homes.

We’ll reveal to you a collaboration with Construcciones Vidal in which they’ve asked us to fully furnish one of their incredible homes in the new Marqués de Fontsanta development.

The little things in our homes play an even more important role in our lives. Just by glancing at them, they take us away to that happy moment that we fondly remember with a smile.

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The arrival of spring is presented as a breath of fresh air, days full of light and soft sounds, among which the singing of birds takes center stage on terraces.

The furniture blends in with the surroundings, encouraging you to spend relaxed and unforgettable moments.

Classic Blue, lauded as the colour of the year, will take over every corner, taking centre stage in very specific environments and objects.

You will be invited to step into “Magdalena’s house”, a recent interior design project in which the balance between emblematic and modern pieces will be key.

As Henry Miller said “Our destiny is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” and this is how in each international fair we attend, we discover the new trends to apply in new projects.

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After a summer full of light and heat, the first rains of autumn open the doors of our houses for us to enter once again. Gradually we are returning to evenings inside our homes, with he warmth of the fireplace, with our family and friends.

We want to show you what this autumn’s trends look like. Powerful and dominating colours that transmit plenty of life which, combined with textile pieces and accessories, finish off and add a touch of comfort to any space. These are some of the examples that define the autumn decoration of our houses.

We will visit Laura’s home, one of our latest projects. This new-build house, located in the zone of Es Garrovers, is characterised by open spaces and a very bold architectural style.

We will also get to learn a little about the Majorcan technique of blown glass, able to create stunning pieces.

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As daylight hours lengthen and see off winter’s gloom for another year, we throw open the doors and windows of our homes. The breeze, the scent of spring and the intensity of natural colours beckon us to once again live life outdoors.

We will see how pieces take on shapes found in nature, whilst materials such as brass and teak establish themselves as new materials.

We will present Cati’s house, one of our latest integral decoration projects in La Bonanova, then go on to acknowledge the importance of an appealing fragrance to give personality to a home, and re ect on the gold plate that is endeavouring to take over our rooms and spaces.

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The days are getting shorter and life outdoors reduces with the arrival of autumn, the mild prelude to winter. Knowing how to transform spaces into warm and comfortable places enables us to get more enjoyment out of the time we spend at home, with rugs, wood, leather and chrome acquiring a special role.

We will discover our interior design project in the home of Mercedes, based on the harmony created by the natural coexistence of decorative pieces from different origins, and we will understand what Modelmon ́s work is like for the main luxury property developers in Mallorca, work that we have carried out since the last century, adding a touch of distinction to their pilot houses.

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Sun light and the rising temperatures set the pace for our lives during these months. With the arrival of the good weather we want to make you a participant in some of our projects, talk to you about the green of the Mediterranean countryside and other seasonal trends, and commemorate a great anniversary with you.

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Spring returns to our lives and with it a new issue of MOON. In this edition we will enjoy the best advice on how to draw up a character to our domestic exterior spaces, with the arrival of the good weather and the sun beams. We will go through the latest trends that have starred in the principal international …

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