Home decoration in the 80s: kitsch explosion.

29 de April de 2019

In the 80s, Modelmon made its great transformation: we went from carpenters and furniture craftsmen mainly to expand our horizons and offer the best products in the world of furniture and decoration. That was a time marked by a wave of pastel colors, patterned flowers and too many mirrors. Definitely, the moment in which the decoration of the home reaches what we know as “the kitsch period”.

La decoración del hogar en los 80: la explosión kitsch

Maybe the most characteristic decorative element on this years were pastel colours, especially clear blue and pinkie.  This tones were used in upholstery of furniture and in decorative objects. Maybe there was only one stamp what could be competence for this pastel colours at homes in the 80s: flowers. Armchairs, sofas, curtains, chairs… the garden moved into the interior of the house!

Other typical tendencies of the 80 are the fabrics with blue and white stripes, more used in the second half of the decade; black lacquered eaters and have the walls of the living room or dining room covered by mirrors what reach the top from the floor. At the 80s decade was’t surprising that the bathrooms were decorated with the before mented pinkie colour, an excesive use of that tones that nowadays we don’t see.

La decoración del hogar en los 80: la explosión kitsch