Mallorcan wooden on the home decoration

29 de April de 2019

Wood was used for the furniture creation from centuries and is still considered like one of the most popular materials when you have to decorate a home, especially from the followers of vintage and traditional styles.

In Mallorca is

, and was, very common use fruit trees for the creation of furniture pieces. The wood of this type of tree is resistant to the temperature oscillations that usually occur on the island, typical of the climate and its different seasons. In addition, since centuries ago, the existence of abundant farmland with the presence of this type of trees was very frequent.

Among the fruit trees most employed shine the cherry tree, very used because his beatiful orange tone; the walnut, on of the most nobel wood very used on build of furniture and luxury paneling, because it lokks uniform; or the olive, with wich is usally used to make artistic craftamanship and decorations thanks to his wooden fiber. Lastly, and with minor presence, there is some protagonism for the apricot, holm oak and mulberry.

And talking about the own fabrication of the furniture, the most characteristic style from Mallorca and the most outstanding, is without doubt, the modernism. 

Decorate your home with the unmistakable smell of wood!