Natural fibres, greenish colours and handcrafted objects take centre stage

16 de June de 2022

Although they have been present for a few seasons now, this year they have become the main focus, being present in most rooms in the home. We can find them on sofas, armchairs or chests of drawers where wicker and canvas make the most of their texture.

Handcrafted elements have always been unique and exclusive pieces, ideally created and hand-painted with geometric patterns, floral or marine motifs. Whatever the style, they provide a delicate touch that brings originality to your table.

As for the shades, emerald, olive or turquoise are the favourites. We see them not only in textiles but also in tapestries, bed linen and even rugs. When used in home decoration, it is guaranteed to be a winner, both in sophisticated settings, where darker shades of green predominate and in more casual ones, where it can be seen in combination with wood or greyish tones.