Magdalena’s house

Centro de Mallorca

We would like to take this opportunity to show you an interior design project that we managed step-by-step along with its owners, some big players in the housing world. We’ll enter a “possessió”, an old manor house in the centre of Mallorca, that’s been completely refurbished with top-quality material and all of the comforts of a new-build property.

The clients were clear that they wanted to do something to this large open space. We started working in the family living in room in order to continue with the rest of the décor. During the initial planning, our design team assisted us in drawing up plans so that we could better visualise the space distribution and the possible sofa combinations. We mulled over several options.

Once we’d settled on a design for the daily living room, the rest of the spaces filled up rapidly, creating a spectacular result.

The piano nobile is comprised of a dining room with a fireplace, a living room, a kitchen and the master bedroom. The house’s main rooms are all situated on this floor in order to make the most of the property’s space and practicality. The dining room and the fireplace share the same space, and are the focal points of the property, catching your attention as soon as you enter.

We wanted the decoration to be a perfect balance between modern and classic at all times. We have made the most of the emblematic pieces already found in the client’s property, such as the central table set and Valentí’s corner, which round off the room perfectly. The Italian dining table, combined with the curved, classical Spanish sideboard, are a case in point of this balance. The overall appearance of the property and its stone-clad main structural features play up the lighting, which is designed by Gordiola, and the owners’ vast art collection.

The living room is dominated by an elegant, solid oak bookcase, giving the room an antique touch. It is accompanied by a sofa and matching armchairs which complement the black furniture well. Once again, the art collection hanging on the walls gives the house a decorative splash. We have chosen to go with smooth, full-bodied curtains with lots of hang in these spaces. We were looking for a homely touch without playing down the importance of the furniture.

The kitchen is designed for family meals, with lots of workspace. To continue with the modern aspect, the kitchen has a clean and orderly appearance, accompanied by an Italian table and chair combination. The curtains in this room do have a touch of colour, which helps create a relaxed and fresh ambience.

The master bedroom is a dream for furniture-lovers. The main pieces are hand-crafted in completely solid walnut, something that you don’t see very often nowadays. The strength of the wood combines wonderfully with the curved design to provide a warm finish to the room.

Finally, the common areas really highlight the traditional Mallorcan pieces that are a staple of the family in their projects. An enormous, three-tiered chandelier made by Gordiola, several paintings from the family collection and an elegant Mallorcan chest put the finishing touches to this property.

Thanks to the family for always putting their faith in us to carry out their new projects. It’s always a pleasure.