Project in collaboration with Construcciones Vidal

Costa d'en Blanes

We are extremely excited to begin working on our new collaboration with C. Vidal in the popular Costa d’en Blanes zone. The construction company has proposed a breathtaking house, where all its spaces open onto the sea. We were fortunate enough to be asked to design both the inside and outside of this new build.

We settled on a range of colours that play with the latest trend of blending structures into their surroundings. With this in mind, we had an incredible backdrop to work with. The Mediterranean Sea is represented by the blue palette we opted for, which features a plethora of intensities and combinations. These blue tones are paired with other colours in the different areas of the house in a way that provides them with their own distinct personality while always maintaining harmony with the surroundings.

The greatest challenge when decorating the ground floor of the house was giving each area its own unique character without losing that sense of openness and unity. The large sliding windows help achieve this by offering endless views that adorn the spaces.

The three bedrooms are all found on the upper floor, each decorated in a different style while maintaining the same shared theme throughout.

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