The mosaic cover and the cover of the mural

29 de April de 2019

The mosaic cover and the cover of the mural are two decorative procedures with a similar elaboration and totally artisanal. In Modelmon La tapa de mosaico y la tapa de mural son dos procesos decorativos de elaboración similar y totalmente artesanal. In Modelmon we carry them out during the moment through a careful manufacturing process that will be detailed below.

The process

Step 1

First step is, evidently, choose the desired design. Once you have a clear idea, for the mosaic cover must be trimmed the stone shards specifically to make tables and, then, choose the design and the colour. On the cover of the mural case,  hand-painted terracotta tiles are used. From here every piece will be located side by side onefrom another and reversed, because is builded from rear side, to configure the design. Once every part is trimmed we have to choos the correct structure.

Step 2

On the next step there are iron structures with rods similar to the construction formwork. To these structures are added stones and cement.

Step 3

Finally, let it dry and turn around to finish the jounts. 

Step 4

The final result have every one of the details elaborate specifically for each client.