Handmade and hand-painted porcelain tableware provides a distinctive value

11 de October de 2022

Decorating a table with handmade tableware has become a trend that brings an added touch to a table setting. Unique, handcrafted pieces, designed by hand, take on a role capable of being passed on and becoming a legacy from parents to children. The slow movement is becoming increasingly popular in some parts of society. It is a trend that aims to slow down the pace of people’s lives, reviving traditions and relaxed lifestyles typical of bygone eras when a taste for detail was appreciated, especially during the processes of creation (craftsmanship) or consumption (gastronomy). Limiting the time spent on a task, in other words, the journey, was no longer an obsession but a part of the enjoyment, and the end product has to be appreciated too.

This culture includes producing handmade pieces, among which porcelain tableware is one of the most important. Small, modest works of art that combine yesteryear’s know-how with new techniques, materials and current trends. Complete sets of tableware moulded and painted by hand.

That represents a notable change from acquiring low-cost, cloned tableware with no personality to immersing oneself in a careful and delicate process of selecting distinguished pieces, including those finished in porcelain—among the most sought-after. A compendium of designs with irregular touches and characteristic reliefs to make your table a tablecloth worthy of display at your everyday or special celebrations.