A Modelmon project in Son Rapinya

Son Rapinya

This new article features a comprehensive decoration project for a wonderful apartment in Son Rapinya with an outstanding panoramic view of Palma Bay. The property underwent a major renovation and space restructuring project. It boasts a new open-plan distribution connecting the living room, dining room and office area. With this renovation, a multifunctional space has also been created in the master bedroom, with a dressing room, bathroom and private lounge.

A balance has been sought between existing and new pieces in this project. Dressing the walls, customers also have a broad art collection. The introduction of the new pieces is aimed at enhancing the style of the existing ones while giving a modern twist to the spaces.

The large living-dining room on two levels is divided into four different areas. At the centre of the dining area is a Crystalart table —an absolute innovation in the surfaces field, along with a display cabinet with carved ornaments. The two living rooms combine different materials and colours to define spaces and mark out atmospheres. There is also a small workspace.

The kitchen, by the Santos company, has been transformed into a gathering spot in the house. With straight, clean lines, it is all about scale. All the space has been designed to optimise storage in an elegant manner—a real success.

The master bedroom also reflects this binding between existing and new pieces for a modern while cosy feel.