At home of Laura

Es Garrovers

Modelmon has had the pleasure of participating in the decoration of this new-build house in the zone of Es Garrovers. This is a construction that incorporates all kinds of structural details. Its owners, thanks to their experience and taste, have succeeded in creating a functional, modern and, at the same time, highly welcoming space.

Modelmon has collaborated on the living-dining room, the master bedroom and the generous terrace. The large central room of the house forms the heart of the home. It is an open area yet clearly differentiated into a kitchen, living room and dining room. A different ambience defines each space without creating any visual barrier. The large dining room table and the corner sofa are the key elements around which the space has been decorated. The TV cabinet and sideboard are the coordinating pieces that unify the ambiences.

The master bedroom has a large upholstered bed with a high frame to give a more modern touch, with suspended bedside tables. The terrace is another of the main features of the house. Outdoor furniture in aluminium and synthetic rope lends comfort and a more inviting style to the pieces.