The importance of comfort and details in your home

28 de December de 2020

Winter is a time to be at home and enjoy the little luxuries that our home provides us.

Given the current situation, we have realised the importance of comfort in every part of our home. The year we left behind has certainly meant that we have spent more time in the living room, the bedroom or the dining room, and we have learned to appreciate what we have even more than before from living together with each object.

We have discovered that those decorative cushions, apart from being beautiful, are more comfortable than we thought. We have found out that the lamp we had in that corner creates the warmest and most welcoming atmosphere and the candle that we had not lit for years entices us with its aroma… The list goes on and on with many objects and details in our home.

We have shared our lives with objects which perhaps for a long time have gone unnoticed and over the last few months, they have reminded us of the person close who gave them to us and have put a smile on our faces.

No doubt at home you have had to adjust the location of the furniture, dedicating a space for a desk where you can place all your work stuff and therefore create a suitable environment for working from home, right? It is not simple, but it is possible and within this comfort lies your well-being and the fact that you feel at ease when fulfilling your work obligations.

With Christmas just around the corner, we are convinced that everyone’s wishes will focus on the health and well-being of those we love most, as well as on those details that make our home an even more special place where we love to be.

At Modelmon, we love to be part of your comfort; that’s why in our projects, we always keep in mind how the day-to-day and home life is for those who live together while designing spaces.